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This portal is maintained by Geological Survey, Ireland (GSI), an agency of the Irish Government.

Information presented by GSI on the website/portal/viewer/media is considered public information, copyright of the Government of Ireland and may be distributed or copied.
We encourage the re-use of the information that we produce.
Use of the attribution or logo below is required.

You may download, display, print and reproduce this material in unaltered form only for your personal, research or non-commercial use or use within your organisation.
All other rights are reserved. Requests and enquires concerning reproduction and rights should be addressed to the Geological Survey, Ireland


GSI reserves editorial rights over any material produced for publication where these datasets are utilised.
Material for circulation outside project team members must be submitted to GSI at least 4 weeks prior to publication, for review by staff with expert knowledge of these data
and their collection to ensure appropriate usage. GSI must be acknowledged as the source of these datasets where they are cited.
Value Added

This agreement does not allow these datasets to be sold or form part of any application or development which is intended to be sold.
Where data are used in manipulated or value added form, to provide a product for a consultancy or to prepare a tradable commodity for open sale, a royalty may be due to the
based on the nature of the product and the number of copies sold. Any such use of these datasets must be discussed in advance with GSI

Data available for download and re-use is made free and openly available under the Irish PSI license for the re-use of Public Sector Information. You can download the data licence agreement here

Please clearly display the following attribution © Geological Survey, Ireland (GSI) for Geological Data or © INFOMAR/INSS for Marine Data

or use one of our logos

To request technical information, use the Feedback page.